Our Crescent™ series has an appealing, gentle shape offering a fresh alternative to traditional rectangular designs. WG-7 is also available with spacers for installation extended from the wall (WG-7EXT) or with our Red-E-Clip installation system (WG-7C).  Our Crescent series also includes a smaller wall guard in WG-5 and our BR-600 handrails for a coordinated design package. Our new Heartwood profiles offer the same protection of the original product with the aesthetics of a real wood handrail. We hold the advantage of offering the same wood patterns on profiles and end caps. Each profile also matches its accompanying accessories. These Heartwood products have been tested and have shown extreme levels of durability in any scenario where impact protection is needed. Dimensions: 1 1/16" D x 8" H x 144" L Retainer: Continuous aluminum (WG-7 or WG-7EXT) or Red-E-Clip (WG-7C) Protection Level: Medium - Heavy
Tech Info:
Colors: Heartwood Patterns