Project Spotlight: Summa Akron City Hospital. Akron, Ohio.
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Aug 9, 2023 Posted by: Greg Holen Uncategorized

Having a productive and expansive area, Ohio provides one of the greatest developmental sectors for upcoming healthcare facilities.

Here, we have an example of a major protective upgrade to Akron’s newest projects.  Pawling Corporation provided hundreds of feet of stainless steel crash rails (CRS-100) and the highly durable WG-8 wall guards.

As a patient or visitor to a healthcare facility, you might overlook every product that protects the interiors, entrances and labs of a building. Our stainless steel is specifically designed for this segment as it offers traits like cleanliness and customization needed in a sterile environment that requires unique building specifications.

We are proud of our representatives in the Akron area, Klosterman Associates. They continue to build their trusted reputation and that of our great products.