Similar to our RG-300, the RG-400 Drain-Well® has the same construction, but with box beam rails fastened 6" on center--closer together to provide even greater support. The RG-400 Drain-Well® entrance mats feature 1 1/2" deep rails and can be installed as a standard level bed frame or with an option for deep pit installation (see RG-600). Box beam rails provide protection from vibration, and is ideal for both foot and cart traffic for heavy interior or exterior applications. RG-400 is fabricated from at least 70% recycled aluminum, helping to add to LEED credits. RG-400 handles rolling loads up to 400 pounds per wheel. All RG-400 Drain-Well® entrance mats feature:
  • Six different tread insert options for up to 39 combinations of colors and functions
  • Custom fabrication, including angles, arcs/radii, cutouts
  • Continuous resilient vinyl cushion
  • Rolling load test to 400 lbs./wheel
  • Height: 1 1/2”
  • Rail Material: Aluminum
  • Rail Color/Finishes: Mill, Clear Anodized, Medium Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized
  • Traffic: Heavy Interior or Exterior
  • Deep Pit Availability: Yes (see RG-600)
-------------------------------------------------- Tread Insert:
  • Rigid-Back Nylon Carpet(SNC) - 100% solution-dyed nylon carpet fiber
  • Aluminum Abrasive(AA) - aluminum oxide tape grit adhered to mill finish aluminum rail
  • Bristle Filament(BF) - bristle filament carpet
  • Corrugated Aluminum(CA)- corrugated aluminum mill finish
  • Maxi-Tuft Carpet(MLW) - maxi-tuft long wear carpet
  • Rigid Corrugated Vinyl(RCV) - rigid corrugated vinyl (colorable)
Weight/square foot: 3.1 lbs.
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Available Colors:
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