PL-100 is excellent for use on concrete slabs, and can be found in ice arenas, ski lodges and industrial plants. The unique knob-and-groove underside facilitates air flow in high moisture areas while providing cusioned anti-fatigue support. Increased air flow aids evaporation, thereby reducing the potential of mildew build-up. Loose-fit interlocks and clipped corners aid in moisture evaporation. Our Interlok tiles are manufactured using a proprietary virgin rubber compound unique to the industry. Not recomended for use with fitness equipment. Class 1 flammability ratings and slip resistance that exceeds ADA requirements. And since all Pawling virgin rubber interlocking tiles require no adhesive, installation is quick, easy and less costly. Pawling’s Pro·Tek athletic flooring compound is formulated to provide the superior performance that recycled rubber flooring cannot match. * “Closed cell” construction makes cleaning easier * Superior rebound of virgin rubber enhances durability and life cycle of floor * 100% virgin rubber tiles feature solid color throughout the full tile—not a thin “surface layer” that will eventually wear through in high traffic areas * Virgin rubber is virtually odorless and does not give off the unpleasant odor frequently associated with recycled rubber floors Height: 3/8" Surface: Raised Discs Static Coefficient of Friction: .093 Dry or Wet Weight per tile: 12 lbs.
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