New Oakville Hospital

Contractor: EllisDon
Opening: December 2015
Location: Oakville, Ontario

Overview of job

The New Oakville Hospital in Oakville, Ontario is a $2 billion project consisting of a 1.6 million sq. ft. facility located on 50 acres with 457 patient beds. EllisDon in conjunction with Parkin + Adamson selected Pawling Corporation as the manufacturer for the $1.8mm contract for wall protection products. Pawling Corporation integrated our PVC-free wall protection products with our new international handrail brackets in order to comply with Canadian standards. The overall project consists of 200,000 sf. of rigid wall covering, 22,000 lf of handrail, 7,000 corner guards, and 70,000 lf of crash rail. The New Oakville Hospital is a LEED Silver certified project and is scheduled to open in December 2015.


  • 7,000 corner guards
  • 22,000 lf of handrail, 70,000 lf of crash rail
  • 200,000 sf. of wall covering
  • LEED Silver certification
  • Wall Protection Systems value $1.9 Million
  • Project value $2 Billion