Parking & Traffic Safety

Vehicular traffic poses a myriad of problems and concerns of problems and concerns for many types of facilities. Pawling's Corporation's line of heavy-duty impact protection products and vehicle control accessories addresses these hazards by making your environment safer for vehicles and people, not to mention extending the life of your facility, and reducing costly repair and maintenance problems. Pro-Tek® products are designed to safeguard walls, corners, and columns exposed to vehicular traffic, and to control vehicle movement to reduce the incidence of personal injury to employees, customers, and pedestrians.


Heavy Duty Corner Guards

Parking & Traffic Safety: When you need maximum impact protection in your parking, commercial, or industrial environment, turn to Pawling’s line of Pro-Tek® Heavy-Duty Corner Guards. Protect columns in a retail environment, corners in your parking garage or storage facility. Whether it’s loading docks, warehouses or in-plant offices that need protection, our Heavy-Duty Corner Guards will complete your design in a variety of wing sizes and colors.


Gray natural rubber 4" wing corner guard

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Large 4" wing flexible vinyl corner guard

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Black SBR rubber 4 5/8" wing corner guard

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Black EPDM rubber 4 5/8" wing corner guard

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Flexible vinyl 2 1/2" wing corner guard in multiple colors

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Black EPDM rubber 3 3/8" wing corner guard with galvanized steel retainer

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Gray natural rubber 4 3/4" wing corner guard

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Small flexible vinyl corner guard in multiple colors

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