Wall Guards:

WGX-6CL 4” to 7”

Versatile and durable, this wall guard gives a natural, congruous feel when combined with the BR-500 handrail. WGX-6CL wall guard also offers additional design and installation options, provided with co-extruded accent lines. Our patented Red-E-Clip is a lightweight, environmentally-friendly alternative to the heavier, classic aluminum retainers. Red-E-Clips provide the same superior impact protection as aluminum, but cost less in terms of both material and freight. And, they're manufactured from recycled material, qualifying for LEED credit. The WGX-6CL model also includes an internal rubber bumper, providing an added layer of impact resistance to this already strong product.

Dimensions: 1" D x 6" H x 144" L
Retainer: Red-E-Clips with internal bumper
Protection Level: Medium - Heavy


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