Vinyl Backed Mats:


Pawling Pro-Tek®’s Maxi-Tuft Long Wear Carpet provides densely-tufted fiber construction for exceptional brushing and drying performance. The unique tetra-lobal shaped fibers (pile weight 26.5 oz./square yard) collect three times the dirt of ordinary standard nylon type carpets. Used in combination with our Rol-Dek® and Drain-Well® Series entrance mats, Maxi-Tuft will provide the best combination of style and performance to keep your entryways beautiful for years to come. Pro-Tek®’s Vinyl Backed Mats include features such as:

· Custom sizing and a variety of thicknesses
· Long-wearing coarse fibers that effectively minimize and prevent the spread of dirt beyond your entryway
· Standard colors that won’t show wear and tear
· Choice of loose lay or glue down installation and optional bevel nosing for surface applications

  • Height: 3/8"
  • Size: 6’ 7” or 82’ 0” (approximate)
  • Fiber Type 100% Polyamide Nylon: 80 and 40 Detex, Blend tetra-lobal fibers
  • Traffic: High Interior
  • Construction: Tufted/cut pile
  • Static Coefficient of Friction Ratio: Dry 0.87, Wet 0.87, ASTM D-2047
  • Flammability: DOC FF-1-70; Class

Weight/square foot: 0.65 lbs.

Available colors:


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