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Manufacturing products and materials that follow LEED guidelines help play a vital role in sustainable building and more importantly a positive impact on our environment as it helps reduce the overall operational and maintenance costs. Pawling Corporation values these concerns and conscientiously seeks to provide sustainable products and practices. Currently, our products contribute to several catgories for LEED Certification.

Below is a chart of how our products can participate in your next LEED certified projects.


Product Category




EQ Credit 4.1

Low VOC – comply with SCAQMD rule #1168


Entryway Systems - stainless grating, RolDek®, and Drain-well®


EQ Credit 5

60% Pre-Consumer, 10% Post-Consumer

Protek Earth – Parking Blocks,  Speed Bumps


MR Credit 4.1

MR Credit 4.2

100% Post-Consumer recycled HDPE

Stainless Steel Products



MR Credit 4.1

MR Credit 4.2

60% Post-Consumer

Wall Protection containing aluminum  components – corner guards, handrails, wall guards, RolDek®, and Drain-well®


MR Credit 4.1

MR Credit 4.2


60% Pre-Consumer, 10% Post-Consumer

 For more information, visit the US Green Build Council’s website and their section specifically on LEEDs at