Frequently Asked Questions

Pro-Tek® Impact Protection can be found in a variety of settings, from hospitals and colleges, to offices, casinos and warehouses. Pawling's handrails, wall guards, corner guards and door/frame protection come in a multitude of profiles and materials. Choose from stainless steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl or combinations of materials to match the protection level your environment requires while at the same time complementing décor. And our heavy-duty bumpers and corner guards protect the toughest areas such as loading docks, storerooms, and industrial areas.


General Information

  • Q1: What warranty is provided on Pro-Tek® products?
  • Q2: What is Pawling's Rapid Response Program on Pro-Tek® products?
  • Q3: How do I find a sales rep near me?
  • Q4: Do Pro-Tek® Impact Protection products contribute to LEED certification? If so, how?
  • Q5: What is Pawling's corporate environmental policy?
  • Q6: Are custom colors available for rigid vinyl products?

Pro-Tek PETG

  • Q7: Is Pro-Tek PETG fire rated?
  • Q8: How should this material be cut?
  • Q9: How should this material be stored/handled?
  • Q10: How can I tell if I’ve received PETG or Standard Vinyl?
  • Q11: Does Pawling have a recycling program?
  • Q12: What is the lead time for Pro-Tek PETG?
  • Q13: Is Pro-Tek PETG as durable as Standard Vinyl?
  • Q14: Are custom colors available?

Impact Protection

Pro-Tek® Information

  • Q15: Is Pro-Tek® vinyl fire rated?
  • Q16: What does a Class A fire rating mean?
  • Q17: Why must Pro-Tek® vinyl products be acclimated to an environment before installation?
  • Q18: What types of applications are Pro-Tek® Impact Protection products best suited to?

Rigid Vinyl Wall Covering

  • Q19: How easy is it to install Pro-Tek® rigid vinyl wall covering?
  • Q20: Do I need to use Pawling's adhesive to install Pro-Tek® rigid vinyl wall covering?
  • Q21: Why are rolls only available in 0.030” and 0.040” thick material?
  • Q22: Are there any areas in which rigid vinyl wall covering should not be used?
  • Q23: Will Pro-Tek® rigid vinyl sheets expand and contract upon installation?
  • Q24: How should this material be cut?


  • Q25: What lengths are available?
  • Q26: Are inside corners available?
  • Q27: Are outside corners available?
  • Q28: Can radius Conditions be accommodated? If so, can it be done in the field?

Crash Rails, Bumper Guards, and Accent Rails

  • Q29: Are inside corners available?
  • Q30: Are outside corners available?
  • Q31: Can radius Conditions be accommodated? If so, can it be done in the field?
  • Q32: What are the advantages of the Pro-Tek® Red-E-Clip™ recycled vinyl retainers?
  • Q33: What products are available with the Pro-Tek® Red-E-Clip™ recycled vinyl retainers?
  • Q34: Are custom stain colors available on Adirondack wood wall guards?

Corner Guards

  • Q35: When should I use a flush-mounted corner guard vs. a surface-mounted corner guard?
  • Q36: What heights are available?
  • Q37: Why do I need to use a bottom cap on surface-mounted corner guards?
  • Q38: Are special angles available?
  • Q39: What is the advantage of using recycled vinyl retainers for surface-mounted corner guards?
  • Q40: Do corner guards have to start at the floor, or can they start above the floor?
  • Q41: Can flush-mounted corner guards be used on fire-rated walls?
  • Q42: How are corner guards without retainers attached to walls?
  • Q43: Are end wall protectors available in varying widths to accommodate different thickness walls?

Athletic Flooring

  • Q44: What is virgin rubber/recycled rubber?
  • Q45: Does Pawling sell any recycled rubber floors?
  • Q46: Is carpet an alternative to rubber flooring in an athletic environment?
  • Q47: High durability is important to my project. What should I look for in flooring?