All 3 shows in particular are all the POV of a man who is

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canada goose store I pretty sure I was right because she just ghosted me after a text. Who the hell requests a fancy dinner for a first date via OLD. Part of her made text was “I been dating for two years and never had someone say that”. All 3 shows in particular are all the POV of a man who is married and established in mid life, successful, similar typical family dynamics, each of the men have a dramatic wrench thrown in re: psychologic or psychical hardships., placing their life, the life of their family in harms way. As viewers, we indulge in watching the events of their lives unfolding as we learn about them intimately and watch each character grow, we love how their choices affect the narrative of other leading cast members and the phenomenon continues until the end. Each of the 3 men thrive and crash amidst the chaotic results of their choices. canada goose store

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